Merry Christmas

Last of the Lampasas home tour pictures:

finishlampasas0A modern country home on a ranchette.

finishlampasasThis was a divider between the tub and the stool.

finishlampasas1Very cute candle scones.  However, if they were lit, probably smoky smudges would appear on the wall.

finishlampasas2Lovely rose tree on the kitchen counter.  I didn’t touch it, but the roses look real.

finishlampasas3Interesting tree topper with pheasant feathers and artificial glittery plumes.

finishlampasas4Two framed baby outfits hung on a bedroom wall.

finishlampasas5Since the couple have a son and daughter, I assume these were christening clothes or were for some other meaningful occasion.

finishlampasas6The son’s room was all guy.

finishlampasas7This craft room made me green with envy.  But I doubt that mine, if I had one, would be this neat.

finishlampasas8Think this is a guest room.

finishlampasas9Love, love old rusty gates.  But I would have placed it in a different location.  This led into a car port.

finishlampasasaThis little iron deer kinda blends into its setting as do real deer.

finishlampasasbUp close, the rake part is obvious, although I’m not sure what the other materials are.

finishlampasascAt the last house, I only made pictures outside in the back.  So clever to put gumdrops on a spiky plant.



finishlampasasfI’ve seen logs like this used as candle holders.

finishlampasasgSo I’m not sure if the cupcakes are candles or just decoration for the season.

It’s always inspiring to see what ideas others have, and I appreciate the willingness of homeowners to open their houses.  What a huge deal to prepare for such an event.

“There has been only one Christmas — the rest are anniversaries.” W.J. Cameron

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