Hypertufa Party

After a salad luncheon, our garden club made hypertufa pots.  The setting was perfect at a member’s home.  Even the weather cooperated with a warm but not hot day.

hypertufa2 Three husbands of members did the heavy work.  Hypertufa formula calls for 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts perlite, and 2 parts Portland cement powder and enough water to mix.

The guys sifted the peat moss through a wire screen to create a smooth soil.  It’s a good idea to wear a mask when the perlite is added.  Then they mixed it all with a hoe and added water a little at a time.

hypertufa3While the guys mixed, the members put on disposable plastic gloves and readied the pots, bowls, boxes, or baskets they had brought to use as molds.

hypertufa4There were some trays to load up the mixture to carry back to each work station.

hypertufa5Then the molding began.

hypertufa7hypertufa6hypertufa8Long picnic tables covered in plastic made a great work surface.

The lady on the right is poking a drainage hole in the bottom after the mixture has been molded.

hypertufa9hypertufaahypertufabAll different sizes and shapes were used as molds.

hypertufaeThe sides and bottom of a hypertufa pot should be thick – about 2 inches.  A hypertufa pot with a concrete look is used for small succulents or agaves, and as a decorative item.

hypertufachypertufadA couple of ladies put their mixture on the outside of their containers.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to get the mud packed thick enough that way.

Each person brought a box to carry home her vessel with the formed “mud” inside.  After 24 hours, the hypertufa pot should be unmolded.

Unfortunately, mine crumbled.  The real trick to this whole process is the amount of water added.  There are many video clips online showing the process.  They also warn that the most critical part is getting the right proportions and the perfect amount of water.

But we all had a blast.  Guess we are never too old to make mud pies or creations.  It’s a fun activity, and one I hope to try again.

“Life is not fair.  If it was, Elvis would be alive, and all the impersonators would be dead.”  Johnny Carson

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