Back to the beginning…

At first, we planted a few trees in the yard and some plants around the perimeter of the house.  Today’s post is about establishing the large flower bed along the edge of the yard on the east side where we had previously planted a few shrubs.  It looked sparse and boring.  Now the plan was to connect them into one long, curved bed. This bed is 100’ long and varies in width from 6’ to 12’ – serious labor.

First, we killed the grass in that area with Round-Up.  A week later, we hoed, raked, and pulled all the dead grass out of the ground that we could and discarded it.

Then, we roto-tilled expanded shell into the clay.

Then we laid down yard cloth to keep Bermuda from growing, and finally, mulch.

During all this, we dug up many, many large rocks and hauled them to a field.  We learned many lessons and would probably do several things differently, including better pre-planning of the whole process.

“Gardening requires lots of water, most of it in the form of perspiration. “ Lou Erickson


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