Cheery Plants

Because I can’t see my grandchildren or friends everyday, there is another way to brighten my day.  I just step outside and watch the fluffy cumulus clouds drift across the sky.  Or walk out to look at some flowers blooming.yellowbellsIn August clusters of Texas Yellow Bells (Tacoma stans) hang on drooping stems.  The branches are leaning more than usual this year because I didn’t put them through metal hoop stands to hold them up as I usually do.

yellowbells2Texas Yellow Bells are native to the Big Bend area of West Texas.  That alone reveals how hardy they are.

yellowbells3The tubular shape is good for bees.

standingcypressIt’s not uncommon to hear:  “Oh, my gosh.  What is that gorgeous red flower that grows along the Texas highways.”

The answer is Standing Cypress (Ipomopsis rubra).  The flowers are along the top of a tall slender branch.  They are bold and eye catching in any landscape.  I’ve wanted some for years.  Finally, in the spring at the Lady Bird Johnson Center, I bought three small ones.  Only two lived, so I’m really hoping they will reseed.

cornflower2Another plant I’ve wanted is a Coneflower.  This one (Echinacea sanguine) is bigger than others I had seen.  This was also bought this year at the Lady Bird Center.  Sanguinea is Latin for blood.  This refers to the color of the petals.  But they look pink to me.

cornflowerThe shape is so interesting.  It reminds me of badminton birdies.

cornflower4See.  It makes you smile.

God has provided many things to bring us joy.  Nature is just one of them.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” James Matthew Barrie

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