It’s Bluebonnet Time

In 1997 Ennis was designated by the State Legislature as the Official Bluebonnet City of Texas.  So we took a day to see if the title was deserved.

Maps for the 40 miles of Bluebonnet Trails are available at the Visitor’s Center.  Most trails are on narrow, winding country roads with no place to pull over.

So first, we headed to an open field where it was permissible to walk around and take pictures of each other among the Bluebonnets.  Should have picked up some children because their pictures are much cuter.

The field was in a beautiful area with trees on three sides and Bardwell Lake on one side.

A few Indian Paintbrushes were scattered across the field.

Bluebonnet leaves can be clearly seen in the bottom middle of this picture.

Since this area, 35 miles south of Dallas, receives more rain that the Hill Country in Central Texas, the flowers were larger and taller than what we usually see.

Most of the fields are on private property and must be viewed from the road.

To me, old dilapidated buildings are charming in pictures.

There were many areas of large swarths of Bluebonnets.

The white tops of the Bluebonnets makes them appear paler off in the distance.

What a beautiful scene.

An idyllic property made us linger here.  Love the Texas flag.

Would love to sit a spell on that bench.

An overcast sky and pleasant temperatures made this a wonderful outing.

Although the Bluebonnet season is short, Bluebonnets hold a special place in our hearts and not just because they are the state flower.  It is sentimental, like the Legend of the Bluebonnet.

“It’s a fact that anywhere in Texas you can yell ‘The stars at night are big and bright’ and random strangers will finish your sentence.”  unknown

2 thoughts on “It’s Bluebonnet Time

  1. Thanks for the bluebonnet photos! One year Don & I planned a trip to Texas when the bluebonnets were in bloom. I really enjoyed seeing all the fields of blue.

    Trees are greening here and the wooded area between the house & the street has accumulated a lot of fallen leaves, limbs and twigs. A group from church is planing to come on April 24 for a “clean-up” workday. They did it a couple of years ago, too. The city will pick up the “collection” out by the street later.

    Thanks for keeping in touch!

    • So glad to hear from you. Was wondering how you made it through the February disaster.

      Glad to hear you have church friends to help you with the heavy lifting. If you still have
      my email address, let’s keep in touch.

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