That Tree

The photographer of this book, Mark Hirsch, took all the pictures in this coffee-table type book with an iphone.

He spoke at a Master Gardener conference last year.  After about 25 years as a newspaper photographer, he lost his job.  He lives in rural Wisconsin, so he travels a two lane road to and from town.  One day, a cement mixer truck passed his car on the edge of the road to his right.  The chute from the truck came loose and swung around to smash into the front windshield and struck Mark in the head.

During his long recovery and visits to the doctor, he passed by a farmer’s field with a large Bur Oak tree in the center of a corn field.

He became captivated by the tree during the changing seasons.  So Mark decided to take a picture of the tree every day for a year.  This book is the result of that project.

The creativity involved to get different shots that were aesthetically pleasing launched a career as an independent professional photographer.

Congratulations to him for the success of this project.

“Sometimes I arrive just when God is ready to have someone click the shutter.”               Ansel Adams

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