Tea Party

Not the political one but the kind that little girls and older ladies enjoy.  We attend a small/medium size church with somewhat limited resources.  So planning an event can be a challenge.

Do you remember having a tea party with dolls?

I’m on a committee for women’s ministries.  Last year we had a Valentine’s Party for the ladies of the church.  Recently a Tea Party with a theme of Fill My Cup, Lord was presented.

Although I know relatives and other people who consider faux flowers gauche, it is the most practical answer for our church.

The room itself doesn’t present itself for a formal event, but we do our best.

I was in charge of decorations.  We decided to use teapots as flower vases.

Ladies were encouraged to wear hats that fall into the categories of Pretty, Creative, and Silly.  Prizes were given for each category.

A group of ladies sang the old song “Fill My Cup, Lord”.  We had three ladies to present short talks about the present circumstances of their lives.  There was a young woman with younger children who discussed her busy life.  In fact, she needed to leave early for her daughter’s basketball game.

Then a lady who has a daughter on the mission field talked about how that affects her family.  And finally, a lady who represented a vintage cup talked about difficult circumstances in life and about the women who had influenced her and helped her at different times.

Lots of different types of hats.  Door prizes and games with prizes are always a big hit.

One of my harebrained ideas was to have each lady make a card.  They would in turn write a note and deliver the card to someone that needed some attention.  This was to be part of the idea that when God fills our lives with love, some of that should spill out to others.

I still think it was a good idea.  It just took a lot preparation.

Some of ideas came from Pinterest.

Of course, the ladies had different levels of ability, so that meant they needed to select what they felt they could do.  I also wanted them to have some choices of cards to make.

Lots of supplies were needed.

I think most of the ladies enjoyed being creative.

The teacups were to be taken home to be enjoyed and as a reminder of what we learned.

It’s fun and a privilege to be part of a group that has common interests.

“To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.”  Robert Brault










2 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. Wanda, thanks for showing and telling about this wonderful event. I’m sure all the ladies there felt blessed and loved.
    I like the neat card choices…and I know how much work it is to get all the stuff ready.
    I think my favorite hat is the yellow flower one.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Many of the ladies that attended are having difficult times, so special events are important to them.

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