Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

Usually in December, we attend some Christmas home tours in different towns.  This crazy, crazy year, we have stayed close to home, and most of the tours have been canceled, anyway.

So I’m going to focus on some of my favorite decorations that we’ve seen over the years.

This house was on the tour in Waxahachie in 2015.  The decorations was whimsical and fun.  Plus, they appeared to be expensive.

I wondered if they were special ordered and who would eat all the candy used in the displays.

So many trees – probably about 10 throughout the house.  Each with a theme.  This one was in the kitchen, so there are gingerbread men, candy, and baking utensil ornaments.

My favorite decorations were in the kitchen.

Santa soaking in a bubble bath in a clawfoot bathtub.

This was a large house.  Every nook and cranny was decorated.  It blows my mind to think of the time involved, but I think she had friends to help.



Upstairs was not open.  Cute, cute idea.

“It was the night before Christmas.  Not a creature was stirring.  No even a mouse.”


Decorations continued outside on the wraparound porch.  Love this sign.

Love the draping ivy on this old stove used as a plant stand.  Another clever idea.

This was a fun tour.  Maybe next year.  Aren’t we all saying that about things we missed this year.

“You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle three things:  a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”  Maya Angelou

O, Christmas Tree

The last house on the Waxahachie tour of homes was large and impressive with a wow factor, especially the decorations.

wowhousk11It was crowded because there was so much to linger over and admire.

wowhouseThe house was build in 1900.  As you enter, there is a living room or parlor on the left and one on the right.  I think these were intended as one for males and one for females.

Even focusing on the Christmas decorations, I’m not sure I took pictures of everything because they were everywhere.

wowhouse2There was at least one tree in every room.

wowhouse3First, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures.  There were lots of windows with strong light streaming in.  Some of the Christmas decorations also had focus lightning.  So there are my excuses.  But I hope you can still enjoy this post.

wowhouse4The inlaid wood floors are original.

wowhouse5Across the wide hall was the second parlor.

wowhouse6With another fireplace.

wowhouse8And what appears to be an original window.

wowhouse9This was an interesting tree.  It was almost a twig tree with glittering stems sticking out.

wowhouse7A wide opening into the dining room made it seem very spacious.

wowhouseaAnother fireplace.

wowhousebVery pretty decorated scones on either side of the picture.

wowhousecEntering the kitchen, this counter filled with goodies was just to the right.

wowhousedThe gingerbread theme was continued later as one exited the house.  Wrapped gingerbread cookies were offered on a platter.

wowhouseeA display on a side kitchen counter.

wowhousefThe kitchen was large.  At some point a large extension was added to the back of the house.  It started somewhere in the kitchen.  This part is definitely modern.

wowhousegThe kitchen exited into the main hallway that ran the length of the house.

wowhousehFrom the hall was a guest bedroom.


wowhousejwowhouskjClever  way to adorn a flowerpot.

wowhouskkThe owner told me that she bought all the decorations but had a crew to help her put them all up.

wowhouselA cute way to decorate a bath that isn’t being used.

wowhouskmThe towel behind Santa’s head.


wowhouskpThe next room off the hallway was a fish and media room.  So all the decorations featured fish.

wowhouskqThere were eight large aquariums.

wowhouskrFish ornaments in the greenery.


wowhousksBack in the bright hallway was a storage cabinet.

wowhousktAlso in the hallway was this stairway that I’m guessing led up to the master suite.  It was roped off.

wowhouskuAcross the hall from the fish room was another sitting room.



wowhouskwwThis tree stood beside the door to the outside porch.  A final statement on whimsical, yet classy Christmas decor.

wowhouskwwwA fireplace mantel on the porch.

wowhouskxCouldn’t resist a shot of the pristine backyard.

wowhouskxxThe large side porch had plenty of room for this antique stove and a generous walking space.

wowhouskzJust before the stairs to leave the porch area and the tour hung a bright, cheery wreath.

All in all, a stunning house filled with Christmas ideas.  Now, a must be really large space will be needed to store all those displays.

“Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under the tree”    Charlotte Carpenter

Tis the Season

There are many towns in Central Texas that have home tours the first two week ends in December.  They are fundraisers for local museums or organizations.  We usually travel to one.

This year my husband agreed to three. Partly, because we need to rest our strained backs after carrying boxes of autumn decorations up ladders and carrying boxes of Christmas items down.

So even though we should be home getting our own house ready for Christmas, we’re gadding about enjoying the fruits of other people’s labors.

waxachacieWaxahachie, just south of Dallas, is the  county seat of Ellis.   With a population of about 30,000, its many small gift shops attract visitors from the DFW area.

This house was build in 1869 and is owned by a young couple who is remodeling it to flip.  When the upstairs is finished, it will be on the market.

waxachacie1Reclaimed wood was used to create a unique ceiling for the small living room.

waxachacie2In the corner of the living room is the old flue for a stovepipe arching down to a pot belly heater.

waxachacie3My photos focus on Christmas decorations and unusual features of the homes.

waxachacie4Old family pictures hanging on a tree caught my attention.

waxachacie5In the renovated kitchen reclaimed wood was used for the backsplash.

waxachacie6This back kitchen section jutted out from the center of the house, so I thought it was an add-on.  But I was told that it was original, but that the attic has been removed and the high windows added.

waxachacie7Just off the kitchen in the laundry room, these old wash tubs are used as a rinsing sink.

waxachacie8Exiting through the laundry room onto a side porch was another entrance with an old door.

waxachacie9Walking to the car revealed that outside construction is also incomplete.

waxachacieaThe next house has gingerbread trim.

waxachaciebAlthough pretty, I think of the upkeep.

waxachaciecA lady behind us said that the tree behind the snowman is a Japanese Weeping Maple.  She also mentioned that it didn’t look healthy and needed more shade.

waxachaciedThis house is also a historical house built in 1895.


waxachaciefThe fireplace looks like it was original to the house, but has been updated to gas logs.


waxachaciehOld built-in cupboards add character.

waxachacieiClever tree stand.

waxachaciejAnother old fireplace.

waxachaciekI like the old house pictures in an old window pane with the original pulley ropes that were counter balanced for raising and lowering the windows.

I appreciate the generosity of the owners in allowing strangers to tramp through and ogle their possessions.

“Charlie Brown, you’re the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem.”   Linus