Trash or Treasure

If  you like to browse through what other people have tossed, have I got the place for you.  Whether you consider discarded items trash or a treasure trove, this is a good wandering through store.

junkstoreD and J’s Good Ole Days store in Brady, Texas, is worth a stop, especially if you want to see the unique and unexpected.  They have it all from vintage clothing to old-time hard candy like sassafras, horehound, licorice, and taffy.

junkstore2Even though it is definitely crowded, there is some organization to the areas.  But who cares because each turn brings something you either haven’t seen in a while or ever.

junkstore3Obviously, this is the medical section.  The mannequin in the dentist chair has her mouth open wide in a scream.

junkstore4Here’s the music corner.  The owners were out on a buying trip the day we went to the store.  The young girl was very helpful.  It is reported that the owners know the history of each item, so we need to go again to hear the stories.

junkstore5There were stacks of plates that were a little too precarious for me to rummage through, but the clerk told us to feel free to lift them off of the shelf.

junkstore6It is definitely not possible to see everything in one visit.  Wandering back through a second time, we noticed totally different things.

junkstore7Two hours of looking and questioning the purpose of some items left our minds in overload.  A second trip would still be enjoyable.  Plus there is a bigger turnover than one would expect.  That day a dealer was spending several hundred dollars.

If you don’t have something like this in your neck of the woods and are interested, there’s always flea markets.  I guess I just like the nostalgia and the expectancy of something out of the ordinary or an item that I just can’t live without.

“A knife wound heals, but a tongue wound festers.”  Turkish adage