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Many of the smaller towns in Central Texas are tourist destinations.  Partly, that’s because of the natural beauty of the rolling hills covered with native trees.  Also, those towns have made a concerted effort to draw people with museums, festivals, shopping, and other attractions.

kerrvillekKerrville has lots of walking paths along the Guadalupe River.  This is in a parking lot for the beginning of one of those trails.

kerrvillelI like this barrel cactus among the other native plants.

kerrvillemThis picture was taken by stepping away from the concrete walkway, which was at least 10 feet wide.  The paved pathway was a mile long.  Beautiful views and easy on the feet.

I think most of these trees are cypress.

kerrvillenStonehenge II is in an open field area.  The idea came to Al Shepperd in 1989 when he turned a limestone slab up on end.  He and his friend, Doug Hill, decided to construct plaster and graphite covered metal mesh and steel frames to replicate the ancient stones in England.

kerrvillepStonehenge II is 90 percent as wide as the original and 60 percent of the height.

kerrvilleoAfter visiting Easter Island a year and a half later, Shepperd added two heads copying those he visited.

kerrvilleqShepperd had plans to add Alaskan type totem poles, but died in 1994 in his 70’s.

The land is presently owned by Shepperd’s nephew and is open every day to the public.

kerrvillerDriving home, we stopped at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg.   It’s like a magnet drawing us when we’re in the area.

Deep red Crape Myrtles line the drive into the parking lot.

kerrvillesEven though it was hot, we strolled through the gardens and listened to a band performing in the courtyard.

Thanks for reading about our short trip.  Hope you have a chance to visit your favorite sights, wherever you live.

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Kerrville, Texas

On Friday, July 17th, we drove to Kerrville, TX, to attend a production of “Pirates of Penzance” at The Cailloux Theater.  They have an excellent facility with a huge auditorium, especially for a community theater.  We were disappointed in the performance but have seen better there in the past.

I’m going to give a plug here for a local theater, The Brownwood Lyric Theater.  Their productions are top notch with great musically talented performers, costumes, and props.  We just saw “Guys and Dolls”, which could equal any show we’ve seen in the metroplex.

kerrvilleWhile in Kerrville, we visited several sites.  The Museum of Western Art was outstanding.  In the 1930’s a group of cowboy artists banded together to encourage each other’s artistic pursuits.  They sold paintings and sculptures to several families in Kerrville.  Eventually, some of the wealthy people decided to build this museum and to donate their art to it.  The interior building itself is a piece of art.

kerrville1“Wind and Rain” by William Moyers from Albuqueque, NM, was donated by the artist.


kerrville3A small statue stands in the first entryway that provides a shaded area for the main door.  Most of the sculpture was in the style of Frederick Remington.  The paintings reminded me of Charles Russell’s works.

kerrville4This bucking bronco bronze was just outside the back door.  If you like western art, it’s a wonderful museum to visit.

kerrville5This fountain at the motel pool area caught my eye.

kerrville7Also, seen from the pool area is the cross of the “The Coming King” Sculpture Prayer Garden.  It is located on a hill the other side of Interstate 10.

The Coming King Foundation built the 23 acre park that is currently valued at 3 million dollars worth of land and art.  It is not completed yet.

Aside:  Crape Myrtles are in full bloom across central and northern Texas.  What a great performing accent tree or bush.

kerrville8At the Prayer Garden Jesus is shown as the Fisher of Men.  On all the walkways are scripture tiles.

kerrville9They are each written in Spanish, English, and German.  The reason for Spanish and English is self explanatory.  Central Texas was settled by Germans.  And although some of them still speak German, I’m guessing this is an honorary nod to the settlers.

kerrvilleaChrist washing a disciple’s feet.  The statues are all bronze.

kerrvillebJohn 3:16 God so loved the world statue.

kerrvillecThe empty cross.

kerrvilledAt the bottom of the hill near the entrance among cedars is a nice spot for Mary’s sculpture.


kerrvillefAlso, at that area is the nails of the cross display.

kerrvilleiDonors are recognized with stone tiles.


kerrvillegThe entry statue of the Coming King is holding a sword of power and a ram’s horn shofar that was used to gather Israelites to worship, war, festivals and will announce the final kingdom of Christ.

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The “dog days of summer” have finally arrived bringing the stifling heat that causes us to gasp for air.  But that image of a panting dog with his tongue hanging out is not the origin of that saying.

In summer Sirius, the dog star, rises and sets with the sun.  The ancient Romans thought it was a source of heat as well as the sun.  Given the circumstance of the summer’s deadly heat, that sounds logical.  But, of course, it’s the tilt of the earth that brings that good old summertime.

But this post is about the town of Kerrville in central Texas.  We are constantly discovering new places and activities available in the small towns in the hill country.

Kerrville “Texas Hill Country Magazine” spring issue had an article about a nursery south of Kerrville.  One of the attractions of the Natives of Texas Nursery was its history.

It was established by Betty Willingham after 30 years of teaching algebra.  After her death, her husband and another helper who worked along beside her kept it open as a memorial to her and her love of native plants.

Kerrville4The drive out of Kerrville seemed longer than 11 miles.  From Hwy. 16, exit onto a caliche winding road which leads into the narrow valley where the nursery is located.

Kerrville2Potted plants are displayed on terraces with a gravel sloping walkway connecting them.

Kerrville3One encouraging sign to me was they grow successfully in soil that appeared to be even more rocky than mine.

KerrvillekKerrville has several worthwhile museums and an amazing live entertainment theater with two different auditoriums.  We saw “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” there and were impressed with the quality of the performance.

Mamacita’s Restaurant in the above picture is large for a Mexican food restaurant, even in Texas.  The food is excellent.

Kerrville7The gardens in front of the restaurant were beautifully done.  Several people were snapping photos of this bush with the purple blooms.  But no one could identify it.

Kerrville8It had no scent, had flowers that looked similar to those of Desert Willow, and had multiple branches covered from bottom to top with blossoms.   Another mystery waiting to be solved.

Kerrville9A wide assortment of sun loving plants created a full, lush look.

KerrvilleaThe shady areas made it possible to get pictures but the plants in the sun looked like a bright blurry spot in photos.

KerrvillebThe soft pinks and yellows in these zinnias and Lil Miss Lantanas contrasted with the other brighter reds and oranges.

KerrvilleeEven a stand of Cattail Reeds grew in a shallow stream.



KerrvillelHuge rose bushes with draping branches were covered in tiny red roses.

KerrvillemThis was the best shot I could get since the sun was directly overhead.

To those who think there is no culture in the flyover states or in small towns just haven’t given them a chance.

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