Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery

In late October we visited the Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery in Cedar Park, which is just north of Austin.  These pictures are not the best because they were taken with my phone.

The giant lily pads were fascinating.  This is a large pond.  We counted only four different lily plants.

I don’t know anything about water-lilies but have looked at pictures online.  These look like Victoria amazonica because the structure and size matches.  The large green leaves that can be up to 9.8 ft. in diameter on a 22 ft. stem or stalk lie flat on the water’s surface.  These actually looked like they were four to five feet wide.  If this is the correct identification, these are named after Queen Victoria.

They don’t look real but definitely are.  Note that each lily pad is attached to a single stem that is grows from a center trunk.

The fish obviously love this pond.

Some of the color variations in the lily pads are due to sun versus shade.

This was an interesting water feature.  The chain and water hose are attached to the trunk of the tree and wrap around the tree branch.  We could not find the water pump.  It may have been buried at the trunk of the tree.

There were all kinds of pots scattered throughout the five acres of this nursery.

The sunlight caught Muhly grass feathers hanging over other plants.

The Plumbago was looking good in this dappled shade.

Whimsical animals brought a sense of fun to the whole area.  There are two white frogs and a metal komodo dragon in this picture.

All kinds of plants, mostly natives or ones that survive well in the area, are displayed and sold.

A smaller type of lily were in about 4′ x 6′ ponds.  I wonder if there are lots of blossoms in the springtime.

These ponds with goldfish and lily pads are so calming and peaceful.  I can see why people want them in their yard.  However, it’s not feasible for us.  We definitely don’t need a magnet for critters.

All things garden are sold here.  In the upper left of the picture, you can see rusty metal gates and doors.   I definitely want to visit in the spring next year.

To a garden lover, hours can be whiled away in this wonderful nursery, http://hillcountrywatergardens.com.

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.”  Anon.