That Time of the Year

This post is about the ugly side of gardening.  As weather forecasts predict freezing temperatures, it’s time to say goodbye to flowers blooming and prepare to protect plants.

autumnchore9Strawberry Gompheras still hang on in the compost pile, but they too will succumb to frost.

aautumnchorePlants will be hauled into these two sheds.  We choose metal sheds for greenhouses because other structures would not hold up to the high winds here.

autumnchoreSo the process begins.  It takes both of us to lift the really large pots.

autumnchore1Load after load has filled up one shed.  It has an electric heater with a thermostat that is set just high enough to keep everything from freezing.

autumnchore2It has already been cold enough to effect the tropical hibiscus.  The humidity from watering will be a cozy environment for most of the plants.  Through the winter I only need to water every two weeks.

autumnchore3All of the plants have been watered.  The floor slopes to a drain in the center.

autumnchore5The second shed does not have heat but is also insulated.  Plants that cannot endure hard freezes but can take some cold are put here.

autumnchore6Yes, the shed is messy but functional.

autumnchore7Between the two sheds are some newly potted roses.  They are protected from direct northerly winds.  Hopefully, next spring these will be planted in new flowerbeds.

autumnchore8I may regret leaving this Umbrella plant out.  But some of the pots are just too heavy.  Notice that the Poinsettias from last year are getting some red brackets.  I’m hoping a little chilly weather will cause more red.

fallMay you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

“Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal.  It’s a way to live.”  Jackie Windspear




1 thought on “That Time of the Year

  1. We have had a few freezing nights and I was one day late getting my last pots in the sunroom. Fortunately, only one plant in a mixed planter seems to have been damaged. The other two were Thanksgiving & Christmas cactus that are full of buds. We still haven’t had measurable rainfall so everything is unusually dry for this time of year. Even rain that was predicted for today skirted our area.

    It was neat to see how you manage to take care of your potted plants in the winter. Thanks for taking the time to share your story.

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