Easy, Breezy Plants

It rained off and on very slowly for the first three days this week.  We’ve received an inch and a third.  The bulk of the rainfall will be east of I 35 corridor.  Weather reports for us always includes that dividing line.  Just reminds us that we’re part of dry West Texas.

Monday night lightning and thunder storms with strong winds blew over a wrought iron cafe table, chairs, and bench.  But around the metroplex, serious damages to buildings, cars, and people occurred.

nearspring1Beautiful clouds and soft rain.  Sure glad I got some work done last week cleaning out flowerbeds.  Still a ton to do, but this is a nice respite.

nearspringeInside, this Kalanchoe is looking good.  This is a fail proof plant for just about anyone.  This particular one came from a friend a couple of years ago and started out as a tiny stem broken from the plant she had.

nearspringdGorgeous clusters of flowers.  When the weather warms up, it will go outside in a spot with indirect light.

nearspringcThis Kalanchoe I actually bought because its flowers have more layers of petals. I also bought one with white flowers.  A friend had told me that she bought flowers from this particular grocery store – Aldi’s.  So I checked it out and these were on sale.

Of course, they were dry and needed some TLC.  But they perked right up with larger pots and some much needed water.

nearspringfI keep snipping off stems of a Coleus and starting new plants for our garden club plant sale next month.  The original one came from a friend who is keeping an old heirloom plant from her mother-in-law’s family.

She has brought it inside during the winter for years and years and keeps potting new starts.  The cuttings are put into water to root.

nearspringgThis is another one from the original plant she gave me.  It’s looking leggy and needs to to be trimmed.  That makes the stems branch and be fuller as well as creating a new plant.

nearspringhThis came from the friend who told me about the grocery store plants.  It’s a Polka Dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya).  Whenever I can get out to the shed, I’ll repot it into a larger pot, so maybe it won’t needing watering so much.

It’s fun to have some really easy plants and some to share with others.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.” Henry Ford

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