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Leafing through plant, seed, or bulb catalogs is a terrific wintertime activity for gardeners.  Cold days snuggled under blankets in front of a fireplace has not happened for us this year.  So I’m going to share a couple of my favorite catalogs as we anticipate what our gardens will look like this year.

dscn7357Native American Seed is a Texas company that specializes in native flowers and grasses.  The company collects seeds from all over the state and strongly encourages farmers, ranchers, and gardeners to focus on native prairie plants.

dscn7453The catalogs contain several interesting articles like this one.

dscn7452They also include information on how to protect your land against erosion and other problems.

dscn1053It’s fun to see all the native plants that thrive in Texas.

dscn7449Old House Gardens is based in Michigan and sells only bulbs.  The important aspect of this company for me is that their bulbs are grown in different places in the US as well as the Netherlands.  So most bulbs from the south perform well here.

dscn7450The information in the catalogs lets buyers know if a bulb will survive in their area.  Once I ordered a bulb that was inappropriate for my area.  I received an email suggesting a different bulb and why.

dscn7451Like all catalogs, the pictures of gorgeous flowers make it easy to lust after what will not grow here in our hot summers.  So it’s good that this catalog offers ones that will do well here.

The company also offers an online newsletter that is interesting and helpful.  They use this service as a way to notify clients about sales.

Spring is breathing down our necks way early this year.  That’s good because we’re anxious for it, but bad because so much needs to be accomplished in the yard in a short time.

“All Gardeners need to know when to accept something wonderful and unexpected, taking no credit except for letting it be.”  Allen Lacy

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