Weatherford Home Tour, Part 2

Continuing the Candlelight Tour of Homes in Parker County, we come to an unusual house.

blackhouseThis house started as a two room rock house built in 1874 by the Postmaster of Weatherford.  In 1894, the rock was dismantled and used as piers for the first floor of the present house.  The design was a Queen Anne style with five rooms divided by a central hallway.

In 1904, the house was purchased by another family, who added the upper story that has five rooms.  Since that time, no other structural changes have been made.

Surely the dark paint was added much later.

blackhouse1The central hallway is covered with ornate wallpaper.


blackhouse3Off the front hallway to the right is a formal parlor, which also sports an elaborate treatment on the ceiling.

blackhouse4The whole house is decorated in a heavy Victorian style and is much too dark for my tastes.

blackhouse5One of the volunteers provided the information that the house is currently owed by a couple who have a decorating business in Dallas.  The open magazine shows pictures from this house.  So I’m guessing the inside was renovated by them with the formal wallpaper, drapes, and furnishings.

blackhouse6The next room from the parlor is the formal dining room.

blackhouse7Pretty fancy.  Since Magnolia trees aren’t prolific around here, large Bur Oak leaves could be used.


blackhouse9The kitchen is off of the dining room and is the only bright room in the house.


blackhousebWonder if this is for show or is used?

blackhousecUpstairs some of the bedroom walls are covered with shiplap.  It may be original.  But usually, during that time frame, it would have been covered with wallpaper.  So, the newest owners may have stripped them.

The trees are cut from heavy metal.  Wonder how they would look cut from corrugated cardboard?


blackhouseeThis doesn’t look like real stained glass but seems to be a thin veneer applied to the window.

blackhousefThis style of wallpaper suggests it could be original or at least, old.

blackhousegIn this bedroom, the bed is from Indonesia.

blackhousehFresh roses with Dusty Miller foliage is a nice touch.


blackhousejThis “foamy bath” water look actually was unappealing to me.  Probably just being too critical.

blackhousekI wondered if the draping of leaf garlands in many rooms was seasonal or not.




blackhouseoThis great metal planter was on the front porch.  I was tempted to ask the people sitting in the really cute metal chairs to get up so I could get a better picture of them.  But I held my tongue.

Everyone has different preferences in decorating.  This was not my style, but I could take away some of the Christmas decorating ideas.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”     Albert Einstein

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