Rewind December

The middle of December we attended the 34th Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes in Weatherford.

museumThe first stop was the Doss Heritage and Culture Center.  You can read more about this stagecoach and the museum from a previous post.

One of the docents demonstrated how the movement of the stagecoach felt to the paying customers inside the coach by rocking it back and forth.  Although the inside was plush with tufted velvet seats, the ride would have been bumpy with the passengers tossed to and fro.

museum1These collectibles brought back memories of Saturday mornings at the movies.  The cowboy movies of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry, etc. seemed so exciting at the times.  In reality, they were pretty bland.


museum3The local ranching history exhibits are in the permanent collection.

museum4The chuck wagon was an important fixture of cattle roundups and drives.


museum6Homemade quilts provided some warmth on cold, blustery days on the open plains.

museum5And a reminder of how tough life was in Indian territory.  Note the epitaph “Killed by Indians.”

museum8The longhorn represents how much the livelihood of the people in this area was dependent on cattle for many, many years.

This is a great little museum and well worth a visit.

museum9The first house we toured was the Jim Wright home, which now houses the Fire Department Headquarters.  Actually, Wright only lived here for two years as a child.

museumaLots of fire department memorabilia throughout the house.


museumcThis picture was taken to show the fine handcrafted wood dowels and other parts of the banister.

museumdI think this is Lindheimer’s Muhly (Muhlenbergia lindheimeri).   Such a beauty.  When the sunlight hits the seed head, it has a shiny glint.

“Perhaps the most important thing we can ever give each other is attention.” Rachel Naomi Remen

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