Christ of the Ozarks

Now that December is over, the next few posts will focus on our November trip to the Arkansas Ozarks.  There we encountered a very different landscape than our home in central Texas.  On the east edge of Eureka Springs are the grounds for the well-known annual Easter Passion Play.

chapeljA faint outline of the back of the Christ of the Ozarks statue is seen beyond the trees.  We arrived in the late afternoon and were the only ones there except for the workers in the Bible Museum.

chapelb Christ of the Ozarks, weighing over two million pounds, was built by hand in 1966.  It  is made of 24 layers of white mortar on a steel frame.  The foundation is attached to the rock of the mountain.  The hands from wrist to fingertip measure approximately 7 feet. The statue’s arm spread from fingertip to fingertip spans 65 feet and its overall height is 67 feet.

We only saw the outside of the buildings where guests enter for the play.

We had an escorted tour of the Bible Museum that houses 6,000 Bibles ​in 625 languages as well as 3,000 artifacts. Some of the rarest Bibles include an original first printing of a 1611 King James Version, the only Bible signed by all of the original Gideons in 1898, the first Cherokee Bible, as well as a page from the Gutenberg Bible.

The Museum also features a fascinating collection of important translations and historical exhibits including:  a Greek New Testament published by Erasmus in 1516, Martin Luther’s German translation and William Tyndale’s New Testament and an original 1611 King James Version – known as the Great Bible because of it’s size.

chapelcThis small church is over a 100 years old.


chapeldThere was no indication as to the origin of this copy of the Liberty Bell.

chapelfIt looked to be made from clay, but I don’t know that for sure.

chapelePass and Stow were the names of the two men who recast the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

chapelgThis is an actual piece from the Berlin Wall.  It has special meaning to us because we were living in Germany when “the wall fell”, meaning that the communist East Berlin government opened the gates and let their people leave.   We were able to visit there within a few weeks of that historic event and even chipped a few chunks out of the wall as souvenirs.

chapeliThis was a peaceful, quiet visit with an opportunity for reflection on many things.

“I am an error
And I will reveal myself
After you press ‘send’.”
Erica Oakland

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