Kerrville, Texas

On Friday, July 17th, we drove to Kerrville, TX, to attend a production of “Pirates of Penzance” at The Cailloux Theater.  They have an excellent facility with a huge auditorium, especially for a community theater.  We were disappointed in the performance but have seen better there in the past.

I’m going to give a plug here for a local theater, The Brownwood Lyric Theater.  Their productions are top notch with great musically talented performers, costumes, and props.  We just saw “Guys and Dolls”, which could equal any show we’ve seen in the metroplex.

kerrvilleWhile in Kerrville, we visited several sites.  The Museum of Western Art was outstanding.  In the 1930’s a group of cowboy artists banded together to encourage each other’s artistic pursuits.  They sold paintings and sculptures to several families in Kerrville.  Eventually, some of the wealthy people decided to build this museum and to donate their art to it.  The interior building itself is a piece of art.

kerrville1“Wind and Rain” by William Moyers from Albuqueque, NM, was donated by the artist.


kerrville3A small statue stands in the first entryway that provides a shaded area for the main door.  Most of the sculpture was in the style of Frederick Remington.  The paintings reminded me of Charles Russell’s works.

kerrville4This bucking bronco bronze was just outside the back door.  If you like western art, it’s a wonderful museum to visit.

kerrville5This fountain at the motel pool area caught my eye.

kerrville7Also, seen from the pool area is the cross of the “The Coming King” Sculpture Prayer Garden.  It is located on a hill the other side of Interstate 10.

The Coming King Foundation built the 23 acre park that is currently valued at 3 million dollars worth of land and art.  It is not completed yet.

Aside:  Crape Myrtles are in full bloom across central and northern Texas.  What a great performing accent tree or bush.

kerrville8At the Prayer Garden Jesus is shown as the Fisher of Men.  On all the walkways are scripture tiles.

kerrville9They are each written in Spanish, English, and German.  The reason for Spanish and English is self explanatory.  Central Texas was settled by Germans.  And although some of them still speak German, I’m guessing this is an honorary nod to the settlers.

kerrvilleaChrist washing a disciple’s feet.  The statues are all bronze.

kerrvillebJohn 3:16 God so loved the world statue.

kerrvillecThe empty cross.

kerrvilledAt the bottom of the hill near the entrance among cedars is a nice spot for Mary’s sculpture.


kerrvillefAlso, at that area is the nails of the cross display.

kerrvilleiDonors are recognized with stone tiles.


kerrvillegThe entry statue of the Coming King is holding a sword of power and a ram’s horn shofar that was used to gather Israelites to worship, war, festivals and will announce the final kingdom of Christ.

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”  Benjamin Franklin

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