Roadside Garden in Costa Rica

During a noon stop at a restaurant, my husband and I decided to skip the meal and eat snack foods.  Three full meals a day were proving to be too much for us.

publicgardenhBeside the restaurant was a road leading up the hill to a gate and a private residence shown in the top left of this photo. On the other side  of the road was a park area.  Walking up the sloped road. workmen were toting huge bags of dirt or compose on their backs up to different areas of the garden.

publicgardencThe garden looked complete, but they were adding additional features.

publicgardennIn front of the garden on the road was the restaurant sign.  English indicated it caters to tour groups.

publicgardeneRed and purple flowers dominated making a bold, exotic garden.

publicgardenaThese looked like extra large Periwinkle flowers.


publicgarden4Parrot flower.

publicgarden5Ginger, like we’ve seen all over the country.


publicgarden2Enormous Angle Wing Begonia


publicgardengMore tile flooring and seating areas were being added.  A covered area with benches provided a comfortable place to get out of the intermittent showers.

publicgardeniThese flowers look like Crown of Thorns, but the foliage is different.

publicgardenlLunch time was much longer than usual, so we stepped inside the restaurant gift shop.  Collette Tours was handling all in-country hotels, attractions, etc.  There were two buses with parallel itineraries, so we saw the other group often.  A 93 old woman from the other group had slipped on the tile floor and fallen in the restaurant.  Their group and ours happened to have a nurse.  Both nurses were on the floor with her as she lay immobile.  An ambulance from a distant town that had a good sized hospital was on its way.  Later, we heard that she had a dislocated shoulder.  She continued on the trip after an overnight hospital stay.

publicgardenoWe went back out to the garden waiting for departure.


publicgardenfAcross the highway was another pretty landscaped area with a lake and mountains in the background.

publicgardenjThis strange tourist photo board beckoned for a photo.

All the parts of Costa Rica that we saw dripped with lush, green hills or mountains.  There were many gardens that showed great effort and design.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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