Snow on the Mountain

There seem to be several plants known by this name.  But the one that we have on our property is Euphorbia marginata.   Snow on the Mountain is a strange name for a plant that grows here where there is seldom any snow.  Occasionally, we get an inch or two but mostly winter precipitation is in the form of sleet. which forms a sheet of ice on the ground and roads.  However, Snow on the Mountain is native in several areas of the US – from Minnesota to Texas.

It’s a striking beauty, especially considering the environment where it grows.  At least, here in Texas, it grows in rock and caliche with just a tiny bit of soil.

Snow on the Mountain does tend to live near a water source.  These are close to a creek which is dry now.

The creek runs through the willow trees, when there is water.

Snow on the Mountain starts blooming in the late summer and continues through the fall.  They spread by seed and multiply quickly.  At three to four feet tall and with their brightness, they stand out in the field.

From what I’ve read, some people have an allergic reaction to their milky white sap.  They are in the same family as Poinsettias, which I think are no longer considered poisonous.

They are especially pretty growing among other green plants or weeds.  I enjoy seeing them in the fields and beside the roads, but don’t plan to plant them in my yard because they are invasive.

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