Autumn at Dallas Arboretum

From the front entrance to every nook and cranny of the Dallas Arboretum, pumpkins and gourds were stacked high for the fall season.  It made me wonder how many thousands of dollars they spent for fall plantings and decorations.  But the crowds were evidence that the cost paid off.

The pictures were taken on a mid October visit.

arboretumfallStrong sunlight on that afternoon played havoc with my pictures.  So please excuse the glare in several shots.

arboretumfall2I can’t identify all the plants.  If they were labeled, I’ll give that information.

arboretumfall5Notice the waterlily and frogs at this girl’s feet.

arboretumfall6Preparations for December, like this small building, were already dotting the gardens.  Signs by the buildings indicated these would be used for each one of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

arboretumfall7This lovely Phillipine Violet (Barleria cristata) is a large bush.  It was mostly in the shade.

arboretumfall8African Daisies (Osteospermum x hybrid ‘Soprano Light Purple’) received some sun, but probably not strong afternoon sun.

arboretumfallaSounds of water cascading over these rocks and some available shade provided some relief from the heat.


arboretumfallcGuess the white pumpkins were to accent the white house.

arboretumfalldarboretumfalleMade we want to buy some pumpkins and gourds.

arboretumfallfOne whole area was dedicated to the season.

arboretumfallgA crowd of parents were posing their children among the pumpkins and houses for pictures.

arboretumfallhSo I tried to not interfere with their photo taking.  I definitely did not take pictures of their children.  It’s crazy to upset protective parents.

arboretumfalliClever structure of houses.

arboretumfalljInside the houses were fairy tale pictures to match the book for that house.


arboretumfalllMaybe Linus’ Great Pumpkin appeared in this pumpkin patch.

arboretumfallmWas it sincere enough?  Okay.  I’m showing my age with these references.

arboretumfallpCute pumpkin flowers  all in a row.

arboretumfallnA horse drawn wrought iron, pumpkin-shaped carriage was a popular spot for photos.  I decided not to stand in the line and just get pictures of these unique horses.

arboretumfalloSomeone spent a great deal of time constructing these.

The Dallas Arboretum is always an interesting place to visit.  Usually we try to time our visits on a school day without all the crowds.  But evidently, we hit a school holiday because it was full of families.

Maybe our next visit will be at a better time – without the crowds, heat, and humidity.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism:  do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”  Aristotle

2 thoughts on “Autumn at Dallas Arboretum

  1. What a fun post! I got all kinds of ideas about decorating with pumpkins. Can’t wait to go buy some and see how it looks.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Just takes time and money and on that scale, tons of people.
      Autumn or spring – can’t decide which is my favorite.

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