Rambling Along

Years ago as we were driving on the back roads in Arkansas, a common sight was wooden shacks slowly crumbling away.  Old stoves, sofas, refrigerators, etc. were sitting on the front porches.  Often people were hanging out there, too.

I wondered how anyone could let their property get so rundown.  Now, of course, I realize there are many reasons this could happen – no money for repair, no energy to tackle the job, and no motivation for improvement.

vineoncar7This is not that situation, but similar.  These are wrecked cars parked outside an automobile shop in a small town near us.

vineoncarIt’s obvious that they’ve been here awhile and the parts have not been needed yet.

vineoncar2This Morning Glory Vine lives as long as there is a little rain in the spring.  But summer heat and lack of water will dry it up soon.

vineoncar4Aging has made me realize how easy it is to ignore mundane tasks and get complacent with one’s surroundings.  There is an adage that says if you lay down something in your house, like a stack of newspapers, it becomes common place.  In a few days or a week, you won’t even notice it.

When I started thinking about this, it shook me awake to take a fresh look at what needs to be done in my house and yard.

vineoncar5Cedar is the choice for fence and other posts around here because they last so long.

vineoncar6As I’ve said before, flowers add their own beauty.

vineoncar8To me there’s something poignant about this scene.  Call me sappy, but can anyone wax poetic about these scenes?

Here is my attempt:


growing, grasping and coiling tendrils, climbing over barriers
blooming, twisting, and snagging metal, drawn by the Sun.
producing seeds
till withered on the soil

stretching, clinging and holding to hope, climbing past hindrances
prevailing, persisting, soaring upward, lifted by the Son
worshiping in awe
bowing before the genesis

ramblingThis is just one reason why I try not to judge others.  Maybe I’m the only one with this experience.  But when I start to criticize someone in my mind, I find that eventually I will notice a similar fault in my own life.

This Morning Glory vine spreads like wildfire.  This hose is used once or twice a week and it grows to cover this hose in between those times.  Sprigs also come up from one end of this flower bed to the other.  I try to be diligent, but…

“Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem.”
Bill Vaughan.

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