Autumn Blooms

What a wonderful autumn.  The fact that we’ve even had an autumn is in itself amazing.  It’s rare for us to have a whole month of moderate weather before winter arrives.  The cooler temperatures are perfect for some plants.

sedum2This Sedum  spectabile ‘Brilliant’  Stonecrop (syn. Hylotelephium spectabile) is a super easy, reliable plant.  In the autumn, tiny pink flowers clusters put on a show.

To be honest, all of these pictures were taken before the hard freeze we had last night.  So this represents cool days in general.

sedum3The butterflies flock to their nectar.

Bear with me as I try to catch a butterfly with wings open long enough to get a shot.


sedum7There.  It finally happened.  Love pictures with bees, butterflies, and other insects on flowers.

whitemist2When I planted this White Mist  or White Boneset (Eupatorium havanense) in the spring, I was hoping it would have a strong aroma like my friend’s.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any scent.  But it is finally blooming and drawing butterflies and bees.  It is a Texas native that blooms in the fall.

whitemistSo far, it’s a low growing plant only about 18 inches tall.  But the white brightens up the flowerbed where other plants are starting to die.

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”  Harry S. Truman

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