White Petals

One of the trends in gardening now is “white gardens”.  All the shrubs in one area are green.  The only flowers in that area are white.  The gardens tend to have geometric shapes and be rather formal.  That’s just not my taste.

daisyBut I do like a cluster of white flowers in a flowerbed.  These were labeled Shasta Daisies when I bought them, but they look like some Ox Eye Daisies that a friend gave me a couple of years ago.  So I don’t know for sure what kind of daisy these are.

daisy2What a bright and happy flower.  Their blooms last for days.  Why are  daisies and roses considered old fashioned?  Sure, our grandmothers liked them, but so do I.

rainlilliesRecent rains brought out the Rain Lilies (Cooperia pedunculata).  Their tiny heads pop up on a  5 to 9″ stem above the grass.   Here briefly, then gone.

whitepopAnd out in the field there are White Prickly Poppies (Argemone albiflora subsp. texana) scattered here and there.  The large 4″ flowers blooms appear daily over a long blooming time, from March to October.

whitepoppyTheir rice paper thin petals fold up in the evening.  The flower itself is about 4″ across.  By nighttime, there’s not a trace of a flower on the stems.

whitepoppAn assortment of insects enjoy the pollen as the wind ruffles the flower petals.What a contrast between the light airy petals and the harsh, sharp greyish greenery.  The stems and leaves are so prickly that even cattle won’t eat them.

When writing this, it surprised me to realize that I don’t have many white flowers in my yard.

“We suffer most when the White House busts with ideas.”  Henry Louis Mecken

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