Iris Time

Twelve years ago I planted heirloom irises in the field.  These hardy souls can be found at old abandoned homesteads.  Even if they do not get enough water to bloom, the bulbs lay dormant to return another year when there is rain.

iris2Most of mine came from family or friends.  I hate to admit it, but they’ve been sadly neglected.

iris3They need to be divided.  I’ve avoided trying to dig them out of the hard clay.  Just weeding around them is a chore.   Also, they should be fertilized twice a year – near Valentine’s Day and near Halloween.  It’s easy to remember, but not easy to hook up three hoses and drag them out to the field.

iris4Heirloom iris have deep colors.

iris1Three years ago I ordered some reblooming iris bulbs.  Their colors are lighter than heirlooms.  These should be divided, also.

lavenderirisTheir flower size tends to be larger than most heirlooms.  The reblooming ones are also reliable.  They bloom several times in the spring and once in the fall, if the weather gets cool enough.  They do need regular watering, so they do well in a flowerbed with a drip system.

Because the wind is so strong here, I usually cut the iris blooms and put them in vases inside.  Since they don’t smell so good, it’s better not to bring in too many at once or at least, not all in in one room.

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