What’s Bugging Me

Over the years I’ve received several Amaryllises for gifts at Christmas.  The set-up is usually a bulb in a pretty pot that will bloom in a few weeks.

amarilys4This is one that I received in 2008.   I love the red ones.

My friend plants all the bulbs she receives after they finish blooming. After five years,  I still had five bulbs in pots.  For some reason I couldn’t toss them.  So I decided to follow her example.  I planted them in a bed in a corner next to the house out of the direct wind.  They have never bloomed profusely.  Two of them have bloomed a couple of times.  This year March was cooler, so I had high hopes for some beautiful Amaryllises.

But look what happened this year.

amarilysSomeone had a feast.  I don’t know what the pest is. amarilys3And I don’t know what the solution is.

amarilys2This plant is beside the other one.  The two buds are leaning over.  It looks like something has eaten down into the stem going between the two buds.

Help.  Any suggestions?

“Take time to smell the roses and eventually you’ll inhale a bee.”  Unknown

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