Hints of Spring

It’s starting to warm up and green up.  Of course, it’s likely we’ll have a surprise freeze.  But I’m glad spring’s coming.

Daffodils have been blooming for a while.

I’ve considered buying some other varieties with stronger color, but the bloom season is so short that it doesn’t seem worth it.

Each year a new weed is added to the mix.  This particular one – I don’t know what it is – is mighty prolific.

Texas Flowering Quince has been blooming for about a month.  Most of the flowers are on the lower branches.  You can see that abundant weed under the branches.  The thorns make it hard to clean out around the long branches.

A few Hollyhocks are up and leafed out.  A few years ago the Hollyhocks had rust disease.  I thought I dug them all up.  But here they are.

Some Hyacinths are blooming.  They’re so short that sometimes I don’t notice them.

Beautiful small hints of a new season.  Love the shapes of the bell-like flowers.

We started pruning last month but so much more to do.  Really enjoying the sunny days when it’s not too cold or windy to work outside.  The task I always dread is the weeding.  Guess everyone does.

“Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.”                               Thomas Fuller, 1608-1661, English preacher, historian, and author

2 thoughts on “Hints of Spring

  1. Your flowers are beautiful, and I’m sure the pollinators are grateful!

    That weed is called “beggar’s life”, at least that’s what a contractor here in Dripping Springs told me. It forms a taproot, so not too hard to pull, but there always seem to be bunches of them. Do not let this one go to seed—the seeds are like sesame seeds covered in Velcro, and they’ll be all over you.

    • Thanks for the name of the weed. A hard freeze is predicted for next week. Sure would be nice if that took care of them, but since they grew in winter, they might multiply even more. I love gardening and weeds come with it.

      I appreciate your comment.

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