Veggies and Other Goodies

At the Dallas Arboretum, we strolled through their new vegetable garden area and continued through all the gardens.

This is Mustard “Garnet Giant” (Brassica juncea).  The veggie plots were raised beds about 6′ x 6′.  Very neat and tidy.  No surprise there.

Everything looked so healthy, like this Cabbage “Ruby  Perfection” (Brassica oleracea).  The mulch throughout all the gardens are crushed pecan shells.  They obviously have a contract with a pecan shelling company.  Wish I knew a source.

Bronze Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Confession:  I don’t personally grow vegetables but certainly appreciate the work involved and the results.

Around the vegetable beds are plots of low growing flowers.

Looking from that area is this lovely view of White Rock Lake.

Heading into a shadier area is a plot of ‘Marvel’ Mahonia.  I’ve seen these in other public gardens but have never seen them in bloom in the fall.

Chinese Fringe Flower ‘Purple Pixie’ (Loropetalum chinese) are decked out in their spring garbs ready for the Easter Parade.

Every time I see these in bloom, I think about buying one.  But, their cold hardiness is just at the edge of our zone.  Plus, I did try a couple of dwarf ones and they froze the first winter.  Still, sigh, they are so striking.

The Arboretum has many peaceful places like this small little stream.

These delicate white flowers look like Lily of the Valley flowers.

This tall urn sat on a concrete column, so it was above our head.

Lots of new things have been constructed since our last visit.

This was unique.  Wonder if they plan to put in Koi?

Lamb’s Ears (Stachys byzantina), with its soft, fuzzy leaves, just begs to be touched.

Forsythia ‘Spectabils’ (Forsythis x intermedia) is spectacular, especially in a mass planting.

One of the many things this public garden does well is to provide many small peaceful vinegettes.  They also have lots of benches where one can rest a spell.

These ornamental cabbages are so pretty with their frilly, lace leaves.

Edibles and non-edibles abound in this wonderful garden.  Hope you have a place to amble along a wandering path and savor nature.  Have a wonderful spring.

“The journey is the destination.”  Dan Eldon

4 thoughts on “Veggies and Other Goodies

  1. Hi there! Love getting updates on your blog. I think you’re probably in just the next microclimate from our section of the Hill Country. Chinese Fringe Flower/Loropetalum grows great here. I have one in deep shade that’s not thriving like the others, so maybe we’re skirting the zone, too.

    Those delicate white bell flowers are Leucojum/Summer Snowflakes (though clearly they’re not a summer phenomenon here.) I planted some a couple of years ago that just flowered for the first time. What a delight!

    I have not made it to the Dallas Arboretum yet, but it’s on my list. 🙂 Happy gardening!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for commenting. I love to hear from readers and to learn from them.

      Technically, we’re north of the Hill Country and east of Brownwood. Our soil is similar to the Hill Country – rocky caliche with a thin layer of dark clay on top. But our weather tends to be more like West Texas: dry and hot with an extremely cold winter every other year.

      It’s definitely a challenge to garden here. But we all have gardening problems to work around.

      Enjoy your garden,

  2. As always, I enjoyed a stroll with you through the gardens.

    We have some beautiful blossoms now but we also have many leaves & weeds that have not been removed, mainly due to our health related issues. I got behind the summer I got my pacemaker and now, with Don’s cancer treatments and up-coming surgery, I don’t see much chance of an improvement this year. So, I’m additionally thankful that you share your photos with us.

    • Hi, Lois,

      Good to hear from you. It’s amazing if you can get any work done in the garden with your schedule now. Still praying for you guys.

      The beauty of the Dallas Arboretum is not happening in my yard at this time. Plants are recovering slowly from the cold, cold winter.
      Although I don’t have your reasons for the work being behind, we have spent many week-ends in Snyder getting my mother’s house cleaned out and ready for the market. We brought lots of stuff here to sort through. Tons of pictures and other paper work. I’m scanning pix and other memories to share with my sisters.

      Right now, I’m trying to pot up plants for 2 gardening club sales. All this to say that the weeds are winning. Catch up seems unlikely.


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