Old Fashioned Christmas

There were five homes on the Lampasas tour of homes, which benefited the Lampasas County Museum.  Lampasas is a small town in Central Texas with a population of around 7,000.

lampasasA small house built in 1938 is an in-town residence for a couple who live on a ranch.

lampasas1This cute snowman is constructed from different sizes of corrugated metal.

lampasas2A collection of snowmen are scattered throughout the house.





lampasas6Across the street was this house built in 1952.  When his childhood home came up for sale, the present owner bought it.  It also is a city home for a ranch dweller.

lampasas7The reason for this picture is that I’ve never seen a porcelain sink like this.  It is original to the house.

lampasas11At the edge of town is a rock house constructed in the ’30’s.



lampasas8This looks like a handmade pot.


lampasasbClever use of deer antlers in a deer theme center piece.

lampasascWooden cabinet came from a monastery where it was used to store candles.

lampasasdFrom a favorite aunt, this handmade gift has a sweet sentimental message.


lampasasfA hand blown knob on a chest which was passed down in the family.

lampasasgI’m not a fan of pedestal sinks because there is no place to put make-up or toothpaste or anything.  This one is larger and has some surface to use.

lampasashThe homeowner’s daughter told us that her mother made these manger scene blocks when she was a child.  They are durable with felt characters glued on wood, so children can play with them.  And now, the grandchildren enjoy them.

lampasasiUnusual concrete block covered with lizards or geckos.

lampasasjVery peaceful backyard with the land sloping down to a small creek.  Around here, the word “creek” implies that occasionally there is water running in the bed.



lampasasnThe homeowner appeared to be crafty, so she might have made these.

lampasasmStanding behind the home, we can see the guest house built for the homeowner’s mother in 2006.  A covered walkway leads from the main house to the guest one.

lampasasoThe guesthouse matches the main house with a stone facade.

lampasaspInside the living room and kitchen are open and flow together.

lampasasqPaddington Bear hosts a tea party.



lampasast An elevated deck provides a nice view of the backyard and a spot for pots of pansies and Boston Fern.

lampasasuCute iron birdfeeder.

Some people don’t “get” going on home tours.  But we consider it a fun outing.

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Garden Memories, Hopes

When the skies are dreary and the yard is barren, I look for any color, shape, light to lift my spirits.  Although we have not had the rough winter like most of the US, winter cold makes me long for spring.  Guess living most of my life in a dry, hot environment has become part of who I am.

afterfreeze1A few pots of Pansies are still alive – scraggly, but colorful.

afterfreeze2Green from Yellow Columbine sticks out between dead Woodland Fern.  In the spring, I’ll be mumbling about Columbine coming up unwanted in this bed.  Now I’m glad to see something alive.

afterfreeze3Good ole reliable Blue Spruce Stonecrop Sedum keeps on keeping on.

afterfreeze4Underneath these resting Daylily stalks lies the bulbs that will provide new stalks and gorgeous flowers in the spring.  The promise of new life encourages all gardeners.

afterfreeze5Dead Senna branches will need to be cut off to the ground in the spring, but now they provide seeds for birds.

winteryyar3Twirling Hummingbirds make me smile in all seasons.


winteryyard2Not much rain this fall and winter, so I like the looks of some melting ice on tree branches.

winteryyardThe sunlight made them sparkle like diamonds.

winteryyard4All the Gomphera heads are white now rather than the bright red ones that will bloom in the spring.  Each of these hold about 100 seeds.  They will be so thick that thinning will be required.  I plan to move some to a new bed and to share some.

winteryyard5Pansies just amaze me.  I guess because I’m such a wuss in the cold.

winteryyard8We’ve had several Cardinals in the yard this year.  They are so wary that my attempts at photographing them has not been very successful.

winteryyard9Talk about bringing a bright color to the yard.  I love to watch them from inside a warm house.

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