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  1. Thanks for a glimpse into the cool garden. I just checked our thermometer which shows the outside temperature is at 98 degrees. A few clouds are forming so hopefully we will get some rain. It is VERY dry. A neighbor began mowing the pasture behind the house late yesterday and this morning I saw three cows and a bull entering the field. (We have a “mutual benefit” agreement whereby he mows the pasture for the privilege of using it for his cattle. There is a spring down the hill, which I’ve never heard of going dry, and where the cattle can drink cool, clear water.)

    • It’s good to hear from you. It seems it’s hot and dry everywhere. Rain is in the forecast for us later this week.
      We pray that happens. Living here, we understand that rain is an unbelievably great gift.

      Hope all’s well with you. Life keeps bouncing along for us. Lately, I’ve been busy, busy with lots of meetings. Master Gardeners
      group I’m in has been working on a Gardening Guide. It’s also the start of the Garden Club, which means a new handbook, etc.
      Earlier this year, Thurman and I worked on a church directory. We took the pictures, gathered information, and printed the books.

      It’s crazy that retirement time has been so full.

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